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it all begins with an idea

A vision. A solution to a problem, an answer to a question.

A quest for the improved, the more effective & efficient; more creative.

Something original. Authentic. 

It takes imagination, insight and time...

To discover. To develop.

To enhance & refine.

Together, we can bring your vision into reality.


Logo Design & Visual Identity,
Branding Development,
Publication / Editorial Graphic Design,
Marketing Visuals &
Social Media Content Creation,

Digital Photography & Photo editing



“ Lucia is a pleasure to work with and I have found her knowledge in her field wide ranging. Lucia can not only deliver great work from a digital perspective but has a great eye with the paintings she creates from an artistic ‘old school’ point of view. Lucia is a very positive person to have around and I would whole heartedly endorse her to anybody who has the good fortune to work with her on future projects. ”


—  Antony Sayer,
Creative Lead (OLIVER)

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