My offer:
professionalism, clear & honest communication, meticulous & caring creative approach, curiosity & open mind for solving problems & adding value to each project

My promise:
to provide a flexible and dependable service, delivering high-quality work on time and on budget

My personality:
eclectic, attentive, ambitious, empathetic, down-to-earth, considerate & helpful...



critical thinker...


My Story

I am an observer, thinker, and creator — designer, photographer, painter, poet — who is passionate about intelligent design, authentic branding, positivity & wellbeing, travel, discovering new places & experiences, as well as fair practices and equality in society.  

As a person who has always been drawn to visual arts and creativity, I thrive in an environment that encourages an imaginative, curious and explorative approach to work. I enjoy working on projects that push my imagination and let me explore design and art in a meaningful and authentic way. Throughout the years, I have successfully explored different roles and accomplished many projects. I love to learn new things, meet inspiring people, and share our experiences. 

Having been brought up in an environment where education and being a great student was important has had a lingering impact on my personality and the way I work now — always wanting to achieve a great result. I take pride in my caring and meticulous creative approach where I not only think about the big picture but also make sure no detail is neglected and that the project gets delivered on time and within a given budget.  

I love working with people who have an open mind and like to explore things from various perspectives, whether on a personal or professional level. Having had the opportunity to live in several different countries, study and work in different environments, and meet people from varied backgrounds helped me grow and see things from several different perspectives, while learning about the different beliefs, traditions, practices. It also enabled me to learn several languages, although with limited fluency.

As for my future endeavors, I would love to work on ventures that bring people from all walks of life and different parts of the world together, where one gets to explore possibilities of improving lives in small or big ways. I would love to work for and collaborate with companies, organizations, and people who advocate for equality, fair practices and try to bring a positive change for the world on a local or global scale. I would love to find a way to regularly inspire people to try and look at the brighter side of things, be respectful of other people’s opinions and beliefs, and strive to grow and be the best versions of themselves while doing the same myself.


Branding Development,
Logo Design & Visual Identity,

Publication / Editorial Graphic Design,
Visual Marketing Content Creation,


Selected Clients

- Assurance Agency

- BUSarchitektur

- boa (Vienna)

- Human Dignity Trust

- Knot Agency

- Martorelli Lab

- Minority Rights Group

- Neoscape

- Orveda
- Rare Diversity Initiatives

- Savills




“ Lucia was the photographer at business conferences I co-founded. Always exceptional quality of photos. But with Lucia it's not only about the hard skills. Her friendly character and the way she approaches new projects is wonderful. People, attendees to an event don't feel watched or intimidated by her, when she is taking photographs she keeps decent distance, and makes people feel comfortable. Lucia always delivered all creative work in time and all needed formats. ”


— Eva Caletkova, In-House Legal Recruiter at THE BROOKE CONSULTANCY LLP