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Reflections: Before & After is an anthology of freestyle poems and short reflections written by me over the last 15+ years. Being a graphic designer and a visual artist, I wanted to create a thoughtfully conceived book that would be expressive and pleasing to look at and to hold. Its theme revolves around a significant personal event in my life, dividing the whole into three sections: Before, Transition, and After. 

The aim of this piece is to share an intimate view on life and my experiences, and hopefully, inspire some people to look within themselves and listen to their own inner voice and inspirations. I hope more people can appreciate their gifts and opportunities and look at the brighter side of things in life, whether positive or negative. We cannot avoid all stressful events and situations in life, but we can decide how we respond to them. 
I invite you to explore the transformation of my personal observations, thoughts, and feelings as I experienced different joys and challenges over the years. I hope you enjoy it!

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