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Infinity Towers

I was tasked by UHA to create a visual identity/branding for this mixed-use development in Limassol, Cyprus (designed by UHAlondon). Inspired by an idea of the 360 living and the Mediterranean seaside location, the visual identity concept stems from the cycle of day and light.


Print, Visual Identity





As we go through our day-to-day lives, we tend to forget the pure beauty of the quotidian elements and processes. One of those being the light changing during the day. Only when on holiday we take time to enjoy these natural changes by observing the sunrise or the sunset. 

Thanks to its positioning near the beach and architectural design offering the unobstructed view from every apartment, the Infinity Towers will benefit from the luxury amenities, the sophisticated design and appliances and the beautiful vistas of the Mediterranean sea and the surroundings. The visual branding concept reflects this sophistication and high-end luxury through refined logo design, typography, and a fresh, inspiring color palette and imagery. 

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